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"Tango is my life, my identity, it is my story, it is my father listening to music or my mother singing in the kitchen at home. 

They are the streets of Buenos Aires, the cafes, our way of speaking and feeling, our gestures. 

In his lyrics is written our idiosyncrasy, our miseries and virtues, our passions. 

He teaches us with humor and sometimes with tragedy what life itself is. 

All that is tango, it crosses us with its fierce poetry and turns us into expression and introspection, and that is why we love and respect it."

Matias Rivas

"I like tango because it is a continuous current in the body. 

It is my loved ones today, and yesterday. 

They are my ancestors, the fears, my instinct, the illusions, my land, the frustrations. 

It's my shadow on the street coming home. My thoughts. 

It is dancing between the supermarket gondolas, or in the corner, while the cars go by... 

It's engaging.

It is the blood going up my legs, to my throat and pupils. 

It is contact with God, with Love! 

With the heartbreak

It is emotion. 

It is pure energy. 

It is expression. 

It brings me experiences and I imagine things!! It escapes from my body..."

Elizabeth Cordone

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