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Frequent questions

1. How long do I need to learn to dance tango?


   This is a question that we are asked more often than it seems (and surely you have been tempted to ask it).

   It seems that there is an urgent need to know in "how long", typical of our anxiety, or the times of immediacy in which we live (all at a click).         We want to learn to dance tango as if it were an academic career or a skill that can be trained and developed to perfection, or something that had a culminating point (call it a goal or an end).

   The truth is that tango, like all the passions of life, has no limits, and neither does our understanding.

   But going back to the more tangible plane and escaping from the philosophical (there will be time for that), the truth is that the answer is very complex.  

   Some old milongueros would say that learning to dance tango takes a lifetime, others, professional dancers, might comment that forming a “real tango couple” takes 3 or 4 years of constant rehearsal. We have also heard in the collective unconscious that to dance you have to know how to “walk” the tango (one of the most difficult things that exist). And there will be no shortage of the brave (unconscious "cheeks", said with sympathy and knowledge of the facts) who carry the banner of "... the path is made by walking" and who with a few classes can already be seen sliding on the track (Yes, sliding to clean bounces, such as a pinball or pinball around the ballroom. If you're a centennial generation, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, Google it).   Of course all this has a lot of truth.  

   But to at least not be left empty-handed, we could objectively say that to dance tango we need several basic concepts (not for that simple, but quite the opposite), such as body awareness, good posture, connection with the partner , musicality, knowing “steps” sequences and knowing how to propose them to the partner or, in the opposite case, how to understand “feel” what they propose to us.

   The tango is walked and the pause is danced, all this with the cadence of our body and energy.

In addition, not all orchestras are danced in the same way, each one should at least be interpreted in the most faithful way to its style.

   Understanding and performing all these operations (most of them are performed in sync) takes a long time, and if we add to all this wanting to get along in the "milonga" surrounded by people, with the live dynamics of a dance floor in constant flow and adding to it the “milonga codes” that of course we must know, and (if there is an “y” more) we must know that in the milonga we will not only listen to tango, but also milonga (as a musical genre) and waltz.    

   So… (cymbal sounds) our world is enlarging to galaxy level.

   However, the good news is that we can achieve it, with sweat and tears, like everything good and valuable, but also with laughter and happiness, and that depends on you, how much you dedicate, how much you fall in love. When you start to learn and dance, this question will gradually disappear (you will even know that "how much time do I need ...?" It is a beginner's question), and it will no longer be "how much" but, I want more, as a kind of addiction (but good and healthy).

   That is why we have to enjoy that learning, we also have a lifetime to taste it and savor it, who knows where it will take you. Perhaps, you are lucky enough to discover yourself.

   Here begins your path in tango, how exciting isn't it? ...


2. How do I dress for my first Tango class? 😎


🎩 Man: 

Comfortable tango or dress shoes. 👞 

It can also be a sneaker with a smooth sole.

If you already dance other disciplines, you can also bring jazz shoes (such as Sansha or Capezio).


💄 Woman: 

Tango shoes, or it can be a party shoe or going out, with a fine heel and ankle bracelet, so that it does not come off !! 👠

- No platform, No rubber sole.

If you already dance other disciplines, you can also bring jazz shoes (such as Sansha or Capezio).


Shoes, dress or skirt.

Make it comfortable to dance and you can see the legs. 👗🧍🏻‍♀️


PS for both sexes: Remember that in tango we slide on the ground, we do not step on or jump, that is why the type of footwear is very important.


🔴 Don't forget‼ ️

A rich perfume! ✨☺️

And really want to dance! !! 💃🏻🕺🏻

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