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2022 - 2023

Piazzolla Tango Theater

Stable dancers of the show


2022 September

Tango World Cup

Salon Tango/Semifinalists

36th place in the world


Tango Stage/Semifinalists

38th place in the world



Mora Godoy Tango Company

They are part of the cast of the

company of Mora Godoy, on tour throughout Argentina.


May 2022 - Colosseum Theater

Tango The Musical

Dancers from the show "TANGO THE MUSICAL" by Sergei Tumas.

 Megapruducción, with 30 dancers and the Cristian Zarate orchestra.


2021 December

Peeling Variation 2021

Finalists of the prestigious competition "Pelando Variación"


2019 Mexico 

Taura Tango Show

Choreographers and directors of the show "Taura Tango". Within the framework of the Cancun Music Festival.



Tango Complex

Dancers of the Casa de Tango Show "Complejo Tango".




Elizabeth Cordone and Matias Rivas are dancers, choreographers, authors and teachers of Argentine Tango.

They joined their paths as professional dancers in the Buenos Aires night, dancing in prestigious "Casas de Tango Show". 

There they settled as a stable couple and participated in casts of numerous dance companies together with renowned orchestras. 

Their milonguero cradle and experience on the stage have led them  to develop a unique style. 

Body awareness and mastery of the expressive body, delicately impregnated with elegance, character, and the mischief of tango, is its hallmark. 

His teaching work began in prestigious schools in Buenos Aires and also in academies and festivals in Argentina and countries such as: Spain, Mexico, Ireland, France, Poland...

In the capital of tango, Barrio de Recoleta, they founded their space "Recoleta Tango Studio". 

They have been summoned by various dance companies, as "couchers", for their ideal contribution in terms of the staging, aesthetics and choreography of Argentine Tango.

His training in Choreographic and Literary Composition is reflected in his works: 

"Prohibido Tango" has been recognized by the Mexican government, and they have been awarded a distinction for their repeated participation in the "Festival of Souls".  

In 2019 they created "Taura Tango", offering its world premiere, on October 23, at the Cancun International Music Festival.

In 2020, during the pandemic, they reinvented themselves, venturing into the audiovisual field, and released: "...from your balcony", and more recently, the short film, "Cuarentango".

In December 2021 they competed in the prestigious contest "Pelando Variación" together with the best stage dancers in Argentina, being finalists of the same. 

mATI 2.jpg

Elizabeth Cordone, Dancer and Tango Teacher.

Works at Casas de Tango Show in Buenos Aires. 

He travels through several countries transmitting his tango teaching (Mexico, Poland, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, among others). Exhibiting at Milongas and festivals.

He taught Classical Dance at the Norma Fontenla Dance School.

He studied Choreographic Composition at the U.N.A and Biomechanical Techniques with Alfredo Gurquel and Juana Lederer.

She worked as a Ballet teacher at the renowned "Noemí Coelho y Rodolfo Olguín" studio.

She was an extra dancer at the Teatro Colón.

Jazz dancer, she joined seasonal casts in important theaters, participated in filming and conferences.

Matias Rivas is a milonguero, dancer and teacher of 

Argentinian tango. He has been working for more than twenty years and training in the medium of dance. During his career he traveled to numerous countries such as Mexico, USA, Spain, France, China, Poland, Ireland, among others, where he transmitted his teachings of Argentine Tango, held exhibitions in numerous theaters, milongas and festivals.

He has been part of prestigious companies, such as the "Femme Tango Company", the Juan Pablo Ledo Tango Ballet, and the Mora Godoy Staff.

He worked in Tango Houses in Buenos Aires, Theater and Musical shows.

As a teacher he has taught classes in the most important milongas and academies in Buenos Aires (Café Tortoni, Escuela Argentina de Tango, Escuela de Tango de Mora Godoy).

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