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"Fear, confinement, loneliness, paranoia.

We have been alienated from our projects, separated from those we love.

Reality causes a mixture of strange sensations, transforms us, and propels us day by day to some place that we do not know ... it destroys us. Guilt and uncertainty.


When can we embrace again?


... But the walls that separate us also unite us!


For now only the wishes, the memories ... "


Selfie Mode 


It is a work of audiovisual dance that arose, as a need for artistic expression, during preventive and compulsory social isolation.

It was done in our house, with the resources at hand: a phone, a tripod, good study time and a lot of ingenuity to get the shots.

The challenge was to express the longing for the other, being in the same place, and without the possibility of leaving home.

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